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Back by Popular Demand! We're happy to annuouce that the SPCA 1 + 1 Food Donation Drive has been extended till from 31 October 2018.

For every Hill’s food product that you buy under the “SPCA Food Donation” tab in PetCa app, Hill's will match the order and donate them to SPCA as well! What’s more, enjoy $5 off for every min. purchase of $25, and $10 for every min. purchase of $50. 

Show your support for SPCA and our furry friends today!  

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SPCA One + One Food Donation Drive!

Now till 31 October 2018!

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Login, tap on Products and choose “SPCA Food Donation” tab. 

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About Us

For many of the pet owners, the bond between animal and man goes beyond simply friends – they are our precious “Furkids”. It often troubles us, not knowing what are our options for a pet friendly hangout space, and resorting to leave our furkids at home.

As pet parents, how can we maximize this precious companionship and give the best we can for our pets? Is there an effective tool that allows us to find, bond and share helpful knowledge and findings with other pet parents?

The Problem

PetCa is an all-in-one mobile app that aspires to deliver personalized engagement and services for pet lovers and their furry kids around the world.

Our goal is to provide pet lovers with a comprehensive community platform that includes an e-commerce for easy purchase of pet related products and services, pet community groups and pet events where users can acquire the latest pet news and social feeds.

Looking forward, our bigger dream is to unite pet lovers to help make a difference for the welfare of our animals friends.

Introducing PetCa

What is 10 years of our lives? For most of us, it’s a phase. For most pets however, it’s a lifetime with you.

How will you capture this precious companionship, and give the best that you can for your pet?

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